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About Halic University

Haliç University is a private university in Istanbul, Turkey, founded in 1998 with a focus on helping cancer patients and children suffering from this condition. Istanbul, the most touristic and most populated city, welcomes many students from all over the world every year. The reason for this enthusiasm is the high scientific level and advanced equipment of Turkish universities. Many of these universities, such as Haliç University in Istanbul, have laboratories and advanced equipment to improve their scientific level. Also, the high academic reputation of the universities of Turkey and Istanbul has caused many to enter the European and Canadian labor market after obtaining degrees and graduation. The possibility of studying in English is one of the other reasons for the popularity of these universities among the applicants for studying at Haliç University in Istanbul. Although tuition fees in English are higher than in Turkish, the cost of living for students is much lower and more affordable than in Europe and other developed countries.

"Quality" is the first Priority

Istanbul Haliç University has always focused on “raising the quality level”. In order to achieve its goals and achieve the highest levels of education, research and social services, this university uses the best equipment and the best teaching professors. Some of the goals of Haliç University in Istanbul:

  • Ensuring the satisfaction of students and staff within the legal framework
  • Improving facilities and teaching level based on international standards
  • Supporting research and development facilities and presenting project results for the benefit of the global community
  • Forming, implementing and maintaining a quality management system that conducts all its activities in a collaborative, transparent, accountable and open to the public.
  • Inspiration from Halich’s rich cultural heritage for use in global science, art and sports.


In general, Istanbul Haliç University accepts students in 42 undergraduate courses, 68 master’s courses, and 8 doctoral courses, and is famous in the fields of medicine, paramedicine, and fashion design. Some of the faculties of this university are :

Literary sciences





Health Science



Halic University Fees

 2023 – 2024 Academic Year
MedicalEnglish20.000 USD
MedicalTurkish15.000 USD
Nutrition Turkish/English4.000 USD
Obstetrics and GynecologyTurkish4.000 USD
Computer EngineeringEnglish4.000 USD
Electronic EngineeringEnglish4.000 USD
Mechanic EngineeringEnglish4.000 USD
Software EngineeringEnglish4.000 USD
BusinessEnglish4.000 USD
BusinessTurkish4.000 USD
PsychologyEnglish4.000 USD
PsychologyTurkish4.000 USD
ArchitectureTurkish4.000 USD
Interior DesignTurkish4.000 USD

Visions and Strategies of Halic University

Becoming one of the best universities in the fields of education, research and services in the field of curing various diseases and children with cancer is the main priority of this university. Another goal of this university is to train doctors whose priority is to save human lives and help them lead a better life. With a history of more than 20 years of experience in the field of research, research and education, Haliç University of Istanbul has always tried to train elite specialists in their fields in addition to helping humanity’s health.

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