Altınbaş University

Introducing Altınbash University in Istanbul

Altınbash University, which was founded in 2008 by the Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation under the name “Istanbul Kemerburgaz University”, changed its name in 2017 under the name “Altınbaş University”, which was founded by late businessman Mehmet Altınbaş under the slogan “Investment in Education”, has always been the most valuable legacy of social responsibility for the Altınbaş family, and with this driving force it has achieved new and competitive goals. Altınbaş University, which admitted its first students in the 2011-2012 academic year, has made rapid progress towards becoming an international research university with the progress it has made in a short period of time. In this context, she continued to create added value in the field of science with received patents, TÜBİTAK projects and leadership in international congresses. Altınbaş University, which has 9 faculties, 1 post-secondary institute and 2 schools, continues to work with a total of 11 associate degrees, 26 undergraduate degrees, 24 master degrees and 8 doctoral degrees. Within the framework of its goal of becoming an international scientific center, more than 3 thousand students, more than 10 thousand working students in this university, with students from 88 different countries of the world, are studying in this university. Altınbaş University increases its educational opportunities and strengthens its position in the professional business world with its graduates, and with its strong academic staff, it values its global knowledge, structure and international partnerships. And its vision is to become an entrepreneurial, innovative and competitive university. Altınbaş University monitors the educational and technological program simultaneously with other institutions in the world and keeps its processes up to date with its continuous development method. The university continues to serve to be the first to support innovation and free research opportunities and to act with an awareness of social responsibility.

Campuses of Altınbaş University

Mahmut Bey Campus

Altınbaş University Mahmutbey Technology Campus (main campus) located in Bajilar.

Gayrettepe Campus

Gayrettepe Social Sciences Campus of Altınbaş University, which is located in Snetpe, Büyükdere caddesi.

Bakirkoy Campus

Health Campus of Altınbaş University, which is located in the Bakirkoy area of Istanbul

Faculties of Altınbaş University

  • As mentioned earlier, Altınbaş Private University has 9 specialized faculties and has a wide range of different fields from medicine to engineering and art. Applicants can choose different fields to study in this university according to their interest. 1. Faculty of Dentistry 2. Faculty of Medicine 3. Faculty of Pharmacy 4. Faculty of Fine Arts and Design 5. Faculty of Law 6. Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences 7. Faculty of Management and Business 8. Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Architecture 9. Faculty of applied science

Altınbaş University applied and research centers

Altınbaş University attaches importance to the fact that all academics should freely carry out their research activities in order to contribute to the scientific, technological, social, cultural and artistic development of the country and humanity. In line with the goal of internationalization of the university, academic staff and students from different countries continue their research activities. Department of scientific research and projects; Coordinates scientific research projects, national and international project support and ensures that publications and events reach academics. The university’s research and applied centers support research and development in many fields, from health to engineering, from social sciences to digital transformation. Below we mention these research centers:

• Social and Economic Research Center (TEAM)
• Continuing Education Center (SEM)
• Psychology Research and Application Center (APAM)
• Central Research Laboratory
• Energy and Environment Research and Application Center (ECAM)
• Center for research and application of autonomous and unmanned electric vehicles
• Natural Products Research and Development Center (DÜAGEM)

• Applied and Research Center for Professional Education and Career Development (MEKAMER)

• Distance Education Research and Application Center (UZEM)
• Center for Research and Applications of Marketing and Neuromarketing (PANUM)
• Occupational health and safety application and research center
• First aid center
• Family Business Management and Research Center (AYDAM)
• Oral and dental health research and applications center
• Application and Research Center for Gender Equality and Women’s Studies (TOKAMER)


Requirements and documents required for registration in Altınbaş University

To register in this university, you must first fill out the online form available on the university’s website and send it to the college with the necessary documents. To enter Altınbaş University, you must take the entrance exam and get a passing grade in one of the three tests accepted by this university. • Acceptance in the SAT test: For the courses offered in English in this university, obtaining a passing score of 1100 or higher in this test is mandatory. • Admission to the exam: yos for courses that are taught in Turkish, obtaining a score of 60 or higher in the yos exam is mandatory. • Obtaining admission without an exam: If you are looking for admission to various fields, including dentistry, without an entrance exam, you can try your luck for admission without an exam at Altınbaş University by having a high GPA in your diploma and various non-curricular documents. Required documents for admission: • The original diploma plus a copy along with its certified translation in Turkish or English • Transcripts of diploma and previous academic years along with certified translation in Turkish or English • Presenting a valid passport valid for at least 6 months • Some pieces of personal photos • Certificate of passing the university entrance exam • Providing the dormitory deposit slip

Academic scholarships of Altınbaş University

Due to the fact that paying the fees of private universities is always one of the concerns of students, Altınbaş University has considered scholarships for its students. In addition to OSYM entrance scholarships, Altınbaş University offers discount opportunities that support academic, athletic and artistic achievements:

Students who choose their university will start their studies with the scholarship rates set by ÖSYM in the programs they will be placed in. Students who enter Altınbaş University with an ÖSYM scholarship are entitled to an additional year in the English Preparatory School and an additional 2 years to the regular course of study in their major programs.

These are support scholarships that are offered at this university for 9 months a year, during normal studies and training, to students who are in the ranking of success determined by the university in terms of the entrance exam score among those who They participate in associate and bachelor programs at the university

Students who complete the introductory English program and complete all courses in the first year of the program in which they are enrolled with a GPA of 3.50 out of 4.00 will be awarded an honors scholarship during the current academic year. Based on this, top students who study in each course do not pay 100% of tuition, second-ranked students pay 50%, and third-ranked students do not pay 25%.

This type of scholarship is given to students who have won at least the third place in international competitions held in the fields of painting, sculpture, cinema and western classical music, and if they are accepted, their applications will be accepted by Altinbash University’s scholarship commission before choosing a course. .

Sibling students who are simultaneously enrolled in Altınbaş University’s associate or bachelor’s programs can benefit from the sibling discount. The sibling discount is valid for tuition only and must be renewed each new academic year. The request for a discount for siblings must be made at the beginning of each academic year until the end of the elimination period. Applicants should refer to the office of the Student Vice-Chancellor with documents proving that they are siblings (birth certificate, photocopy of birth certificate).

Dorms of Altınbaş University

University dormitories Student dormitories, which are separate accommodations for male and female students, are a few minutes’ walk away from the Mahmoodbi campus. Free shuttle service is provided regularly to all university campuses. In order for students to feel at home, each dormitory room has a shower, WC, small refrigerator, personal table and chair, two-door wardrobe, bed and reading light, etc. In addition, drawing rooms, study areas and computer rooms serve students in the dormitories, which focus on supporting academic life. To support social life, there are also common areas such as TV rooms, restaurants, food and beverage vending machines, a gym and a music room. 24/7 security personnel, security turnstiles with card recognition system, security cameras in all indoor and outdoor spaces, advanced fire detectors and electronic door systems are also there for added security of students. The professional cleaning company is in charge of regular cleaning of dormitory rooms and common areas with hypoallergenic cleaning products. 24/7 uninterrupted hot water, central heating system in winter, fast and wireless internet connection throughout the building, network sockets in all rooms and common areas, free laundry service (necessary cleaning materials are provided by students.) Fully equipped student kitchen for meals, common halls with living space, TV and wireless internet connection are other facilities of Altınbaş University dormitories.

Erasmus Exchange Program

Strong international partnerships are an integral part of Altınbaş  University’s global engagement. Altınbaş University has established and maintains numerous relationships with world-class universities and institutions around the world.

Within the framework of their international network, they cooperate with 92 universities from 36 countries from North America, South America, Far East, Europe and Africa. Altınbaş University’s international opportunities also include double degree and integrated master’s programs.

Part of the Erasmus program since 2014, Altınbaş University enables its students to gain a different perspective on the world through the possibility of academic mobility or internships during their university life. Within the scope of the European program Erasmus KA 131, this university has more than 220 Erasmus contracts with 25 different EU member states.

From 2015, the Erasmus program began to cover countries outside the European Union. As Altınbaş University, EU projects for Erasmus KA 171 programs have been written for different countries and universities in 3 project periods since 2017, and two-way mobility (outgoing/incoming) of students and staff is possible by passing quality assessments. has been

Internship4all Erasmus Consortium project, 5 accredited foundation universities of Turkey, 1 professional organization, 1 non-governmental organization, 1 local government and 1 research and development company came together under the coordination of Altınbaş University and provided practical training to students by providing internship places. .

Academic Fields of Altınbaş University



(VAT Included)
ASSOCIATE DEGREEOccupational health and safteyTurkish4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Health Services Management
Turkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Child Protection and Care ServicesTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Visual communicationTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Law Firm Management and Legal SecretarialTurkish 
4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Civil Aviation ManagementTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Flight Operations ManagementTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
FinanceTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Social Services
Turkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Business AdministrationTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Civil Aviation Cabin ServicesTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Foreign TradeTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Hair Care and Beauty ServicesTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Jewelry Design
Turkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Graphic DesignTurkish 4250 1500 USD / Whole Study
Oral and Dental HealthTurkish 

4250 1500 USD / Year

BACHELORE DEGREEMedicineEnglish 25000 21000 USD / Year
DentistryEnglish 20000 16000 USD / Year
PharmacyEnglish 15000 11000 USD / Year
PsychologyEnglish 8500 4500 USD / Year
Turkish-German LawTurkish 8500 4500 USD / Year
Software Engineering
English 8500 4500 USD / Year
Turkish 8500 4500 USD / Year
Law70% Turkish 30% English8500 4500 USD / Year
LawTurkish 8500 4500 USD / Year
Civil EngineeringEnglish 8500 4500 USD / Year
Turkish8500 4500 USD / Year
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish 8500 4500 USD / Year
Turkish8500 4500 USD / Year
Business AdministrationEnglish 8500 4500 USD / Year
MASTERS DEGREEOrthodontics (Thesis)English 25000 USD / Whole Study
Orthodontics (Non-Thesis)English 25000 USD / Whole Study
Information Technology (Thesis)
English / Turkish
6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Political Science And International Relations (Thesis)English / Turkish6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Industrial Engineering (Thesis)English / Turkish6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Thesis)
English 6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Turkish 6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
International Taxation (Thesis)
English / Turkish6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Arts and Design (Thesis)Turkish 6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Data Analytics (Thesis)English 6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Turkish 6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Financial Economics (Thesis)
English 6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Turkish 6900 4500 USD / Whole Study
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Thesis)English 6900 4500 USD / Whole Study

Other facilities of Altınbaş University

All 3 campuses of Altınbaş University have cafeterias and restaurants where students can meet all their nutritional needs. There are 3 cafeterias and 1 dining hall in Mahmutbey campus, 2 cafeterias and 1 dining hall in Gayrettepe campus, 1 dining hall and 1 cafeteria in Bakirkoy campus. Students of Altınbaş University can access the rich content of the menu and socialize in these areas. Food and beverage areas with up-to-date menus and reasonable prices for students serve all students and employees of Altınbaş University.

Student clubs

Music, sports, art, music, entrepreneurship, law, medicine, food, informatics, psychology and social responsibility…
Student clubs enable students to come together and socialize around common interests and ideas. All clubs have been established by students in line with the wishes of students. Clubs, which operate in various fields, both prepare students for business life and enrich their social and cultural development. All students have the freedom to establish a club according to their interests.

Social events

Winter festival, academic parties, intercollegiate dance festival, performing arts and various performances…
Altınbaş University’s goal is to create an academic environment where social life and academic studies feed and support each other. At this stage, social and cultural activities form the backbone of the spirit of sharing and solidarity. Student festivals in both winter and spring semesters, activities that strengthen their professional, social and cultural growth. Meetings of student union members…

Altınbaş University Libraries provide services in the library and documentation department, with the Mahmutbey Technology Campus Library, the Bakirkoy Health Campus Library, the Gayrettepe Social Sciences Campus Library, and the Park Medical University Hospital Library. The total area of the library is 3234 square meters and has a capacity of 750 people. Also, there are 24/7 independent study areas and 18 group study rooms in each of the campuses. In these libraries, there are 82,124 books, 33 database subscriptions, 335,971 e-books, 40,122 e-journals and all these resources can be scanned electronically and users can reserve printed publications without visiting the library.

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