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Fenerbahce Education, Culture and Health Foundation, which was established by Fenerbahce Sports Club, received the establishment permit of Fenerbahce University from the Institute of Higher Education and became a legal entity on November 24, 2016 and opened its doors to its first students. Opened in the 2019-2020 academic year. Undergraduate education continues in 27 groups in 6 faculties and in 14 separate programs in the Professional School of Health Services. There are 9 master’s degrees and 2 doctorate degrees in the institute of graduate education. The language of instruction at Fenerbahce University is Turkish and English. Students who enroll in undergraduate programs in Turkish, have the option to study in English preparatory program. Fenerbahçe University, which has strengthened its teaching staff since its establishment, has also increased the number of associate and bachelor’s programs in English, is promoting its foreign language department, and has strong language learning opportunities in the undergraduate and postgraduate years. provides to its students. Fenerbahce University has adopted the goal of educating people fluent in different languages of the world, being open to innovative and creative thinking, focusing on scientific development and completing its social and academic development and being among the leading universities in the world. With the goal of internationalization, Fenerbahçe University is determined to become a prestigious international university by creating an educational environment that embraces multiculturalism and diversity, while providing educational opportunities for international students. . In this field, the number of foreign students and teachers is increasing day by day. The mission of Fenerbahçe University is to produce valuable graduates through education in the fields of science, technology, art, culture and sports. Cultivating social pioneers who care about research, development, lifelong learning and innovation. Also, the vision of this university to be accepted around the world as a nationally and internationally recognized university that equips all its stakeholders in the fields of science, technology, culture, art and sports, develops them interactively and All its members can recognize themselves well.

In this regard, the main values of Fenerbahce University can be summarized in the following points:

  • Adopting national and international values
  • Cultivation of good and prospective students
  • Importance of academic freedom
  • To be sustainable
  • To be innovative
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Paying attention to public and social responsibility
  • Having a philosophy of comprehensive quality management

Fenerbahce University campuses

This university started its educational life in the Ataşehir campus in Anatolia. In addition, the university has Silivri Campus and Dereağzı Facility Application Center, and while it offers its students a safe and quality life and educational opportunity with its campus located in the center of Istanbul, students also have Cooperation with Medicana Health Group and Fenerbahçe Sports Club will benefit from internships, different work opportunities and sports facilities. Fenerbahçe University keeps the university concept alive with its Atashhir campus. With the central location of the campus, students are offered a quality environment with opportunities for cultural and social life and the advantage of being close to transportation networks. The Atashehir campus has a learning center and library, sports and healthy living infrastructure, cafeterias and social spaces that students need, as well as professional entrepreneurship centers that help them develop personally.

Necessary documents to register at Fenerbaghche University

To register at Fenerbahce University, you must first fill out your application online on the university’s website, and then, after approval, go to the university in person to submit your documents.

  • Diploma education documents with certified translation in Turkish or English language
  • Transcripts of academic courses along with certified translation in Turkish or English
  • Valid English language certificate (if your field of study is offered in English language)
  • Copy of passport with at least 6 months validity
  • 3 pieces of personal photo
  • Receipt of bank payment of university tuition fees (this item is required to select the unit)
  • passing score in university entrance exam
    Copy of student visa
  • Letter of acceptance and agreement of the university

Faculties of Fenerbahçe University, Türkiye

In this university, there are 8 specialized faculties that teach in various fields with the help of experienced and outstanding professors. You can choose your field of study based on your interest. Below, you can see the faculties of Fenerbaghche University:

Pharmacy faculty

Technical and Engineering Faculty and Architecture

Communication Faculty

Faculty of Postgraduate Education

School of Health Sciences

Faculty of sports sciences

Foreign Languages Faculty

Faculty of economics, administrative and social sciences

Professional school of health service

Fenerbahçe University courses and tuition fees

Biomedical Equipment Technology Turkish 3.500 USD
Operating Room Services Turkish 3.500 USD
Anesthesia Turkish 3.500 USD
Dialysis Turkish 3.500 USD
Electroneurophysiology Turkish 3.500 USD
First and Emergency Health Turkish 3.500 USD
Audiometry Turkish 3.500 USD
Opticianry Turkish 3.500 USD
Orthopedic Prostheses and Ortheses Turkish 3.500 USD
Pathology Laboratory Techniques Turkish 3.500 USD
Podology Turkish 3.500 USD
Radiotherapy Turkish 3.500 USD
Medical Documentation and Secretariat Turkish 3.500 USD
Medical Imagining Techniques Turkish

3.500 USD

FACULTY OF PHARMACY  Pharmacy English 15.000 USD
Computer Engineering English 12.500 USD
Molecular Biology and Genetics English 12.500 USD
Turkish 8.000 USD
Sociology Turkish 6.000 USD
FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Turkish 7.000 USD
Nursing English 8.000 USD
Turkish 8.000 USD
Nutrition and Dietetics English 8.000 USD
Turkish 8.000 USD
Healthcare Management Turkish 6.000 USD

Graduate studies at Fenerbaghche University

The master’s programs are conducted in two distinct structures: with thesis and without thesis. In the master’s program with a thesis, it enables the student to acquire the competence to access, collect, interpret and evaluate information using scientific research methods. The master’s program without a thesis provides the student with knowledge about professional subjects and shows how to apply the existing knowledge in practice.

• Master of Sports Science without thesis
• Master of sports science with thesis
• Master of Business Administration (English) without thesis
• Master of Business Administration (English) with thesis
• Master of Business Administration (Turkish) with thesis
• Master’s degree in internal nursing with thesis
• Master of Business Administration (Turkish) without thesis
• Master of Political Science and International Relations (English) with thesis
• Master of Political Science and International Relations (English) without thesis

• Doctorate in Sports Sciences
• PhD in business management

Fields of study at Fenerbaghche University


Fields of study

Faculty of Pharmacy

Basic pharmaceutical sciences – Professional pharmaceutical sciences – Pharmaceutical technology

Technical and Engineering Faculty and Architecture

Computer engineering – English, industrial engineering – English, architecture, interior architecture and environmental design – Turkish / English

Communication Faculty

Public Relations and Advertising – Radio, TV and Cinema – New Media and Communications

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Economics and finance – English, English language and literature – English, psychology (Turkish/English), political science and international relations – English, management information systems – English

Faculty of Health Sciences

Nutrition and Diet – Midwifery – Occupational Therapy – Language and Speech Therapy – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – Turkish/English – Nursing – Turkish/English

Faculty of Sports Sciences

Coaching training – physical education and sports training – sports and sports sciences – sports management

Foreign Languages Faculty

English language preparation program – optional preparation program – English language courses in undergraduate and associate degrees

Courses taught in the professional health services school:

• Mouth and teeth health
• Operation room services
• Prosthetic tooth technology
• Dialysis
• Pharmacy service
• Physiotherapy – Turkish/English
• First and emergency aid
• Pathology laboratory techniques
• Prostheses and orthopedics
• Radiotherapy
• Medical Imaging Techniques
• Laboratory techniques of medicine

Research Centers of Fenerbaghche University

With the activity of this center, undergraduate and graduate students will be able to use the knowledge acquired in the training courses to participate in the projects and academic publications produced by the center. Thus, in addition to students gaining research awareness while still in training, experts in various fields of study are trained by experts who want to be educated on various subjects through training programs organized by the center.
Below you can see the research centers of Fenerbaghche University:
1. Center for African Studies Research and Application
2. European Research and Applied Studies Center
3. Center for research and innovation, technology application
4. Center for Applied Research and Cyberspace Studies
5. Applied Research Center and Sports Research
6. Applied Research and Continuing Education Center
7. Applied and research center of Turkish education
8. Center for research and application of distance education
Thanks to these eight centers, international collaborations, project studies, and exchange programs have been made effective. In addition, the university is accepted in the Erasmus+ exchange program and bilateral agreements have been initiated. With a technology transfer office and student clubs that students are free to establish and manage, all kinds of opportunities are provided for them to unleash their potential by supporting their projects.

Scholarships of Fenerbahce University

In addition to the 25%, 50% and 100% scholarships offered by the university, based on the YKS results, a scholarship program will be conducted according to the scholarship regulations. To benefit from the scholarship programs, it is sufficient to be prioritized by ÖSYM by indicating the relevant programs. Next, we will review the scholarships of this university:

These non-refundable scholarships are for students who fall within the scholarship student quotas specified in the OSYM Exam Guide and cover all or part of the tuition. These scholarships last for 2 years in the foreign language preparatory class and associate degree and 4 years in the bachelor degree (5 years in the pharmacy school). Fenerbahçe University offers 100% and 50% scholarships based on the results of YKS (Higher Education Institutions Examination).

A 25% preferential discount is applied to students who are admitted to this university with their first choice (except for the Faculty of Pharmacy). This discount is applied on the tuition paid by the student other than ÖSYM scholarship.

This scholarship is applicable to students who graduate from this university as first, second and third place, in the form of the scholarship rates mentioned below, for all programs of the University’s Institute of Postgraduate Education.

  • For the first person in the faculty: 100% scholarship
  • 2nd in college: 75% scholarship
  • For the third person in the faculty: 50% scholarship

The scholarship rate for students with disabilities is 10%. This discount is applied to the tuition fee that the student pays separately from the ÖSYM scholarship.

The scholarship rate for students with disabilities is 10%. This discount is applied to the tuition fee that the student pays separately from the ÖSYM scholarship.

A 25% scholarship is awarded to students who graduate from Fenerbahçe and MBA colleges and are accepted into university programs. This scholarship is applied based on the tuition fees paid by the student other than the ÖSYM scholarship.

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