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About Koç University Istanbul

The reputation of koç University Istanbul , which is one of the best private universities in Turkey, has made it a valuable destination where you have to enter the competition to get a seat. Istanbul Koç University is one of the top medical fields in Turkey. The university, which started teaching in 1993 at its temporary campus in Istinye, moved to its permanent campus in Rumeli Fenri in 2000. Koç University aims to bring together talented young people and valuable professors and aims to contribute to the advancement of science at the global level. The Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKV), which has been active since its foundation in 1969 in the fields of education, health and culture, which are the most basic needs of life, after significant investments such as the Sadberk Hanim Museum, the Atatürk Library and the Koç Private High School , has made the wish of the late Vahbi Koç about the university come true. “Capital is found, machines are bought, technology is transferred,” Vahbi Koç said. But if the manpower is not educated, it is difficult to get results” and showed how much importance he attaches to educating young people. During the twenty years that have passed since the opening of this university, Koç University has become one of the most popular universities in Turkey. The main mission of this university is to train the most qualified graduates in Turkey who are international in nature, can think creatively, independently and objectively and have leadership qualities.

Why koç University?

What is special about Koç University? One of the cases is the professors of this university. They are Türkiye’s most prestigious senior researchers and PhDs from elite research institutions around the world. People are best and most productive when they are freer. The best research environment can only be created when professors and researchers are free to follow their curiosity and instincts. Therefore, this university is trying to create an open environment for innovation in its more than 250 laboratories and research centers. As an international undergraduate or graduate student, you will be guided individually in your academic progress by these professors and will be given many opportunities to conduct research from the outset. Students of this university also enjoy more than 300 exchange programs with top universities from 60 countries, suitable career guidance, dedicated international community office, and vibrant campus life with more than 70 active student clubs. Among the important points is that there is a wide range of competitive sports teams on campus, including ice hockey, rowing, American football, rugby, skiing and snowboarding, where you can compete in national competitions. and challenge the international. The language of study at Koç University is English, but fields such as nursing and law are taught in Istanbul Turkish. As a result, when registering, be sure to pay attention to the teaching language of your desired field so that you don’t get into trouble. In addition, Kuch University of Turkey is approved by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science of Iran.

Introducing the Faculties and Fields of Study at Kuç Istanbul University

The main campus of Koç University consists of sixty buildings: academic colleges, administrative offices, laboratories, library, social and sports facilities, health center, student dormitories and faculty residences. Classrooms and laboratories have the latest technological infrastructure and support systems. Other campuses affiliated with Koç University include: Koç University Center for Entrepreneurship Research (KWorks), Koç University Anatolian Civilizations Research Center (ANAD), Vehbi Koç Applied and Research Center for Vehbi Koç Studies (VEKAM) in Ankara, and Sona and Inan Kirac Center for Mediterranean Civilizations Research. AKMED) operating in Antalya. Facilities on campus include a convenience store, hair salon, full-service bank, bookstore, and cafeteria, along with other dining options. Today, Koç University, which serves in the fields of humanities and literature, economic sciences, engineering, law and medicine, contributes to the development of science in Turkey and the world with 22 undergraduate courses, 43 master’s courses and 30 doctoral programs. Below we refer to the faculties and fields that are taught in this university:

Bachelor Programs

chemical engineering

International Relationship









Master Programs

International Management


Executive MBA


Computer Science

Computing science and engineering

Chemical and biological engineering

Biomedical science and engineering

Computer Science

Computing science and engineering

Industrial engineering and business management

Electrical engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Data science


رشته ها و شهریه های دانشگاه Acibadem

سال تحصیلی 2023 – 2024
مقطعدانشکدهدورهزبان تدریسشهریه
 فوق دیپلمفنی و حرفه ای آشپزیTurkish3.500 USD
فناوری تجهیزات زیست پزشکیTurkish3.500 USD
فنی و حرفه ای / سلامت و پزشکیبهداشت دهان و دندانTurkish3.500 USD
خدمات اتاق عملTurkish3.500 USD
بیهوشیTurkish3.500 USD
دیالیزTurkish3.500 USD
الکترونوروفیزیولوژیTurkish3.500 USD
کمک های اولیه و بهداشت اضطراریTurkish3.500 USD
شنوایی سنجیTurkish3.500 USD
بینایی شناسیTurkish3.500 USD
پروتزهای ارتوپدی و ارتزTurkish3.500 USD
Pathology Laboratory TechniquesTurkish3.500 USD
PodologyTurkish3.500 USD
RadiotherapyTurkish3.500 USD
Medical Documentation and SecretariatTurkish3.500 USD
Medical Imagining TechniquesTurkish3.500 USD
Medical Laboratory TechniquesTurkish3.500 USD
کارشناسیدانشکده پزشکیپزشکیEnglish30.000 USD
 داروسازیداروسازیEnglish15.000 USD
دانشکده مهندسی و علوم طبیعیمهندسی زیست پزشکیEnglish12.500 USD
مهندسی کامپیوترEnglish12.500 USD
زیست شناسی مولکولی و ژنتیکEnglish12.500 USD
دانشکده علوم انسانی و اجتماعیروانشناسیEnglish8.000 USD
Turkish8.000 USD
جامعه شناسیTurkish6.000 USD
دانشکده علوم سلامتفیزیوتراپی و توانبخشیTurkish7.000 USD
پرستازیEnglish8.000 USD
Turkish8.000 USD
تغذیه و رژیم غذاییEnglish8.000 USD
Turkish8.000 USD
مدیریت بهداشت و درمانTurkish6.000 USD
کارشناسی ارشددانشکده پزشکیپزشکیEnglish45.000 USD
 داروسازیداروسازیEnglish30.000 USD
دانشکده مهندسی و علوم طبیعیمهندسی زیست پزشکیEnglish25.000 USD
مهندسی کامپیوترEnglish25.000 USD
زیست شناسی مولکولی و ژنتیکEnglish25.000 USD
دانشکده علوم انسانی و اجتماعیروانشناسیEnglish16.000 USD
Turkish16.000 USD
جامعه شناسیTurkish16.000 USD
دانشکده علوم سلامتفیزیوتراپی و توانبخشیTurkish14.000 USD

Scholarship and Tuition

Koç University Support Scholarship Program (KUDEB) is a support program that includes dormitory scholarships, pocket money or scholarship for the purchase of books, which are provided by determining the needs of students. Students who are placed in Koç University’s full scholarship programs are exempted from paying tuition fees. Scholarships are awarded based on success in university entrance examinations, and it is also possible to benefit from support scholarships. Scholarships at Koç University offer tuition fee waivers at various rates, are non-refundable and continue throughout the normal course of study. Students who have studied at Koç University or another university in Turkey for a bachelor’s degree in the past years, if they are enrolled in Koç University’s bachelor’s degree again, they cannot benefit from a full scholarship, but they can register with a 50% scholarship.

Students who are placed in the full scholarship programs of Koç University are exempted from paying tuition fees. Depending on their needs and within the scope of university regulations, these students may receive the possibility of staying in dormitories without paying tuition, monthly expenses (pocket money) and participation in textbook costs.

Students who are placed in the 50% scholarship program of Koç University do not pay half of their university tuition but they need less approvements evidence comparing to 100% Scholarship

Students who are placed in the 50% scholarship program of Koç University do not pay half of their university tuition but they need less approvements evidence comparing to 100% Scholarship

Accommodation in rooms with bunk beds for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people – paying only 50% of the dormitory fee.
(It should be noted that the dormitory scholarship is not awarded for areas close to Istanbul)

For 10 months a year, 5250 lira is paid per month.

For 10 months a year, 2625 lira is paid per month.

The books of the main courses are taken free of charge in each semester and it is 1250 lira per semester.

Koç University Support Scholarship Program (KUDEB)

In the academic year 2023-2024, students can use different scholarships of Koç University according to the evaluation of their conditions by the university, which means exemption from the cost of education and training. Accordingly, students will be eligible for one or more of the required scholarships offered under the Koç University Endowed Scholarship Program (KUDEB). The possibility of free accommodation in the dormitories, participation in monthly expenses (pocket money) and participation in the cost of textbooks depending on the need and within the scope of the university regulations are also provided for students who are placed in full scholarship programs. Below are the types of scholarships of Koç University:

Applycamp, official Representative of Koç University

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